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Town and Country
Garden Club of Ipswich

Our Mission... to promote service to our community and to encourage learning about conservation and good gardening practices.


Fact Sheet Organized: 1965

Federated: 1966

Membership: 90

State Flower:Arbutus

State Bird:Chickadee

State Tree: Elm

Member of National Council Of State Garden Clubs, Inc.

and The Garden Club Federation Of Massachusetts



How We Began: On April 1, 1965 six women were brought together by Nancie Godwin to explore the possibility of forming a second garden club in Ipswich. She was convinced that Ipswich would benefit from a garden club with open membership which could provide community service as well as a place for experienced gardeners to share knowledge and best practices. Six months later they had expanded to thirteen to discuss the name, define the purpose and needs, and explore federation membership. Within a year by laws were written, membership had increased to thirty one and 54 years later with a membership of over 70, we are happily planting, sharing and learning in Ipswich. We meet from September through June and schedule program activities and events which include hands on workshops, lectures, conservation efforts, community planting and Ipswich High School scholarship support. Membership applications are accepted every spring for the upcoming gardening year. We hope you will join us.

Membership Info

We warmly welcome new members! 


Membership for Town and Country Garden Club is open to all residents of Ipswich and the surrounding communities. If you have any questions about membership or would like to join our club, please contact our membership chairperson Patricia Bodenstab at 978-771-3325 or 

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Membership Info
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Town and Country Garden Club 

Ipswich, Mass

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Announcements & News

May 13th:

Tea Cup Sale 9:00am-12:00pm

in front

of the Ipswich Post office

(rain or shine)

Yard Sale 9:00am- 1:00pm

at the South Green in Ipswich

(rain date May 20th)


Community Service

Community service helps in many places of our beautiful Ipswich town all year long. We are busy at the Riverwalk, Library, Ipswich Museum and the DPW entrance area. Our activities range from spring and fall cleanup, planting, watering flowers and shrubs to decorating for the holidays. We encourage every member of our club to join us when they can to contribute to our town. 


Town & Country Garden Club of Ipswich (TCGC) Annual Scholarship

Since 1976, the TCGC has given a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who resides in Ipswich. Each applicant should be interested in pursuing a career in one of the fields of Horticulture: agriculture, botany, landscape design, conservation, forestry, city planning, environmental studies or environmental engineering. In January, the Committee Chairman sends out notices and application forms to all local high schools where Ipswich Seniors may attend. In April, the applications are returned to the schools’ guidance counselors and are forwarded to the TCGC Scholarship Committee. Another responsibility of the Scholarship Committee is the handling of the Ruth Burns’ Memorial Fund. This is an internal club scholarship set up in memory of a former member, Ruth Burns, by her husband, to further club members’ education in flower arranging and related subjects. Any member in good standing can request monies for this purpose through the Scholarship Committee Chairman subject to the approval of the Board.


Thursday, September 15th at 11:30 AM

(please note date and time)

Opening Meeting with Landscaper Scott Berger Corliss Brothers Garden Center, 31 Essex Rd, Ipswich Meet in the storage barn As we reconvene and welcome new members, we begin with someone who for many years has been in the business of "making things grow." Bring a bag lunch and meet us in the storage building. Scott will explain how to care for our lawns, plant fall bulbs, get our yards ready for changing seasons, and take us into the yard for a pruning lesson. Bring your home gardening questions to the expert.

Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 7PM

(please note first Thursday of the month)

Ipswich Bay Yacht Club Quay Rd A Begonia for any Season with Betsy Szymczak Come meet Betsy, Certified Master Gardener, begonia judge and grower. Her program will feature how to grow begonias inside the house and out. Begonias make wonderful houseplants, beautiful bedding plants in summer and can be brought inside in the fall miss this informative session, you will fall in love with this versatile plant if you haven't already. and again used for winter cuttings to keep them going.

Thursday, November 10th, 2022 
 Council on Aging Town Hall 7PM

Holiday Pine cone Door Decoration Workshop We love our workshops and this year we will make a beautiful door decoration that our Diana found on Pinterest. Please start collecting long pine cones and your favorite ribbon. It is always fun to be together in the holiday spirit in a workshop setting. Bring your cutters, gloves, wire and personal creativity. More information and cost will follow.

Thursday December 8th, 2022 at 6:30 PM

Holiday Social at the Ipswich Museum This traditional celebration is the culmination of the work by members utilizing their creative talents to decorate the Museum and celebrate holiday friendship and collegiality. Please join us for a lovely dinner, perhaps a glass of wine, and enjoy the entertainment provided by the talented students of the Ipswich High School music program. Always guaranteed to be a delightful evening.

~No meeting in January~

Thursday February 9th, 2023 at 7 PM

Gloucester's Generous Gardener Program with Susan Kelly First Church Meeting House, 12 Meeting House Green This all began as a plant swapping site Susan started 6 years ago that really didn't take off. She turned that into a "philanthropy through gardening" program through donation. Today superwoman Susan Kelly manages a volunteer committee of over 250 people who install, plant and maintain 45 award winning gardens along the boardwalk at Gloucester's waterfront. This creative and task driven group has figured out how to raise funds to plant 22,000 tulips, 7,000 daffodils, and countless dahlias and perennials. Don't miss this energizing program and their amazing story. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Thursday, March 9th, 2023 7PM 

Shade Gardening with Suzanne Mahler First Church Meeting House, 12 Meeting House Green Master Gardener Suzanne Mahler has been developing her 1.5 acre property for over 40 years. She is an avid plant collector with extensive collections of more than 300 daylily cultivars, and 250 varieties of Hosta. She believes shady gardens may create challenges but need not lack glamour. Come learn how trees, shrubs, native plants and perennials tolerate low light, providing fabulous flowers and foliage for textural contrasts, to create a peaceful shady retreat.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 7PM (NOTE DAY CHANGE)

First Church Meeting House co-sponsored with Ipswich Garden Club Joan Butler of Enchanted Gardens 
 Joan is a horticulturist at Weston Nurseries and a Master Gardener, author and judge. How do you design and create a perennial garden that will delight you with colorful bloom from spring through fall? This workshop will teach about plant layering, new and reliable perennials, companion plants, and design technologies that will make your garden POP.  

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 6pm   

Garden Container Workshop Country Garden Nursery, Central Street, Rowley We will return to a tradition which began at Marini Farms. We will select plants from Bill's greenhouse stock and create a lovely Spring container. This has always been a fun early evening as we ready our homes for the summer gardening season. More info on this later, cost TBD

Thursday, June 8th, 2023   

Annual Meeting and Dinner 6:30pm Location and cost TBD 
 We have been blessed to end our year with a lovely catered thank you dinner celebrating our yearlong efforts and friendship at Castle Hill. This year there may be changes coming and our venue might be different. No matter where we hold our dinner, please make plans to come and take advantage of this very special concluding evening to join your gardening buddies. Advance registrations required by June 1st to

Club Officers

Co-Presidents: Deborah Costa and Diana Stump

Co-Vice Presidents: Rose Brown and Heather Campbell

Recording Secretary: Rosa Mishel

Treasurer: Donna Maggio

Corresponding Secretary: Elaine Lucas

Communication Manager: Marianne Olmstead

Club Officers
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