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GCFM Scholarship Requirements

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. offers scholarships for undergraduate students (including high school seniors who will be freshmen in the Fall), and graduate students who will be attending accredited colleges and universities.

Applications are due APRIL 1.

Scholarships are available for students majoring in:

• Horticulture

• Floriculture

• Landscape design or architecture

• Conservation

• Forestry, agronomy

• City planning

• Environmental studies

• Land management

• Botany

• Biology

• and allied subjects

Applicants must have maintained a legal residence in Massachusetts for at least one year, have a minimum "B" average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale), have good character, and have financial need.


There are eleven (11) scholarships available. Only one application is required per student.  It should be noted that the Ruth Cleveland Scholarship is available to graduate or undergraduate students pursuing the study of the arts and/or sciences and that three of the scholarships require that the student attend the University of Massachusetts.  The GCFM Scholarship Committee determines a student’s eligibility based on a completed application package.

Official recognition of the GCFM ‘s Scholarship winners takes place at the close of the fiscal year on June 30. Letters are sent out to the winners and regret letters to all other applicants.  The winners of GCFM Scholarships are announced in the fall issue of the Mayflower.  The applications qualifying for National Garden Club, Inc. Scholarship are sent on to NGC. Inc. by March 1, and the NGC, Inc. winners are announced at the Annual Meeting of National Garden Clubs. Inc., and also published in the fall issue of the Mayflower.

Applying for a GCFM Scholarship, all applications must be received by April 1. 

The GCFM Application Form and Financial aid Form are in PDF format and can be filled-in on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader both forms contain instructions for completing.

(1) Download GCFM Application and Financial Aid Forms

(2) If needed, download Adobe Reader

All applications must include:

  • GCFM Application Form

  • GCFM Financial Aid Form

  • School Transcript(s)

  • Essay

  • List of Activities

  • Letters of Recommendation (one page only)  

For further information please email


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