Special Awards


Cindora Goldberg


2018 Recipient:  Minal Akkad of the Framingham Garden Club, assisted by Ruth Evans of the Framingham Garden Club

Special Awards

THE CINDORA A. GOLDBERG AWARD (established in 2002)       (rev. July 2018)


 An annual award is to be given in tribute to Cindora A. Goldberg. The award honors the ability she had to continually see and create in an innovative manner. The award is in the form of a framed certificate, and will be given to the most outstanding floral design submitted by a member of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.


The entries should represent the very best examples of a designer's work, and must be in the form of photographs and digital images. The entries will be judged by The Cindora A. Goldberg Award Committee. The winner must be present to receive the award at the Annual Meeting of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. A full color photo of the winning design will appear in the Fall issue of the Mayflower.


1.       Designs to be submitted will be limited to three entries from any one designer. They should represent the most outstanding example of that designer’s work.

2.       The designer should mail the completed application form along with a color photograph at least 5” x 7” in size to the address below.

3.       The designer should also email the image (JPEG minimum of 1 MB) to the email below.

4.       An entry form must accompany each application listing all plant materials and other components, along with a short description of the design.

5.       Up to three separate designs will be accepted on individual application forms.

6.       All entries must be received by April 7, 2019.

7.       All entries will become the property of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. and will not be returned.

8.       Photos submitted may be used for a future publication.

9.       Entries will be judged by the Cindora A. Goldberg Award Committee.

Send application form and design image by April 7, 2019 to:

Sue Kaplan, 219 Highgate St, Needham  MA 02492


The Cindora Goldberg Award
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