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Our History

As early as 1924, Mr. Edward Farrington, Executive Secretary of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, observed that numbers of garden clubs were being organized throughout the state and thought a federation would serve a need.  As a result of his activities, the Massachusetts Federation of Garden Clubs and Historical Societies was organized in December 1924. This group was short-lived.

In the spring of 1927, a representative group met at Horticultural Hall.  Mrs. Thomas Motley, Jr. was appointed chairman of a committee composed of members from the garden clubs in the state to work out an organizational plan and report at a later joint meeting.  

In the fall of 1927 fourteen garden clubs assembled at Horticultural Hall in Boston at the invitation of Mr. Farrington, for the organization of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts. Mrs. Thomas Motley, Jr. was voted president.


The first meeting of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts was held October 27th, 1927 with representatives from 25 clubs present.  A constitution and bylaws were presented as a tentative arrangement for 1 year. Such was the caution of our early leaders.


The Federation was provided with a large office and storage space on the second floor of Horticultural Hall at the corner of Huntington Ave and Massachusetts Ave in Boston.

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