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2019 - 2020 Scholarship Recipients

GCFM Scholarship Recipients for 2019-2020

Landscape Design Council Scholarship   - Rachel Newman, Lynn,

     attending UMass Amherst in Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Farming

Mary M. Conley Scholarship – Casey Reed, Waquoit,

     attending UMass Amherst in Fisheries Management

Evelyn R. Cole Scholarship – Emma Burke, Harwich,

     attending University of New England in Environmental Studies

Margaret Bent Patterson Scholarship – Ben Church, Littleton,

     attending University of Vermont in Forestry and Parks and Recreation

Ruth I. Cleveland Scholarship – Maureen Cottrell, Haverhill,

     attending UMass Amherst in Plant, Insect and Soil Science

Baker Scholarship – Allison Carter, Centerville,

     attending UMass Amherst in Environmental Science

Violet E. MacLaren Scholarship – Angela Luckey, Melrose,

     attending American Public University in Environmental Management and Policy

F. Carroll Sargent Scholarship – Jacob Yankee, Shrewsbury,

     attending UMass Amherst in Natural Resources Conservation

Lottie S. Leach Scholarship – Regina Peters, Stoneham,

     attending UMass Lowell in Biology and Ecology

Harold T. Bent Scholarship – Sarah Ducharme, Millville,

     attending UMass Amherst in Horticulture Science

Margaret F. Motley Scholarship – Cory Rebello, Attleboro,

     attending UMass Amherst in Natural Resource Conservation and Urban Forestry

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