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Debra Dellanina-Alvarez

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Mike & Angelina Chute

Rose Solutions

Lisa Doucett

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Master Gardeners 

Speakers Bureau

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Stacey Lee

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Sustainable Floral Design
and Peony Cultivation

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Joan Butler &

Jana Milbocker

Enchanted Gardens

Christie Dustman

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Image by nicolas reymond

Mary Beth Hayes

Semper Virens Flowers

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Diane Edgecomb

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 Performances of
Story, Harp
and Song

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Michele Fronk Schuckel


Leisha Johnson

Lectures & Workshops

Ecologically Sensitive Natural Gardens Design, Build and Management

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Kathy Leva

Fun with Flowers

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Custom Seasonal Workshops & Programs to


Nadine Mazzola

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Forest Bathing Workshops and Talks

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Neal Sanders

The Principal Undergardener

Who says horticulture and humor are incompatible? Neal offers ‘a husband’s point of view’ of gardening that address burning questions like ‘why it takes three holes to plant one shrub; and ‘why the internet is a lousy source of gardening advice’. His talks include ‘Gardening Is Murder’, ‘Gardening Is Painless (and other lies we tell ourselves)’ and ‘How to Build Your Very Own Hometown National Park!’

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