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About Us
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In a world of long-standing Massachusetts garden clubs, many of which are over 50 years old and a few even over 100, we are a “new” 26-year-old 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a history of dedicated, forward-thinking leadership.

The club’s founders, Sharon Dwyer and Marcia Stephenson, first met in the garden center at the local Home Depot. Both were new gardeners and interested in learning about plants. Together they began visiting area nurseries and touring local gardens, increasing their knowledge. But they wanted to know more and felt that networking with other West Roxbury gardeners would be a good place to start.

Although there was already an existing West Roxbury garden club, Sharon and Marcia had full-time jobs and could not attend daytime meetings. They contacted The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, spoke with local landscape designer Sally Muspratt, and decided to explore whether there might be community support for a new club that met in the evening. Sally wrote an article for the West Roxbury Transcript, announcing a meeting at the local high school. Much to Sharon and Marcia’s delight, over 20 interested people showed up. The rest is history!

The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury was organized in August 1996 and joined The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts in 1997. From the beginning, giving back to the community was a priority, and the new club decided to make civic beautification a key component of its mission.

Today The EGCWR maintains three visibility sites in West Roxbury. Regular club meetings offer members and visitors the opportunity to learn from professionals who speak on a variety of gardening-related topics. Meetings also provide a forum for attendees to exchange gardening insights.

Over the years the club’s founders moved to other communities and states, but they left behind in West Roxbury a wonderful living legacy in The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury.

Coming Attractions

We are planning our bi-annual Garden Tour this year.

We think of it as our “FUN-raiser” fundraiser and invite you to enjoy the day.



Saturday, June 11, 2022, 10 AM to 3 PM

Please contact us for details.

Membership Info
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We meet on the second Wednesday of the month

at The Elks located at 248 Spring Street in West Roxbury at 7 PM.

September      Gardening Is Murder! with Neal Sanders


October           Preparing Your Garden For Winter (cancelled)


November      A Piet Oudlof Story with Deborah Chud


December       Holiday Gathering


January           Annual Executive Board Meeting


February         6 Simple Steps to Successful Rose Gardening with

                         Mike & Angelina Chute


March              Bird Scaping—Home Sweet Habitat! with Joan Butler


April                Art In Bloom Roadshow with the MFA & Carolyn Ellis & Karen Recco,                               MFA Associates

May                  Annual Membership Meeting

June 11            The Garden Tour “Fun-raiser” 10 AM-3 PM for tickets, please visit:                            


July                  Garden Gathering in a Member’s garden August Garden Gathering in a                              Member’s garden

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Membeship Info
Club Officers
Leadership Team


Co-Presidents: Courtney Lyons​ & Jeanine Knox

Vice President:  

Acting Treasurer:  Kathy McGrath

Recording Secretaries:  

Corresponding Secretary:  

Program Secretary:  Courtney Lyons​

Program Committee:  Linda Allen, Sally Barkin, Jeanie Knox,  & Joanna Kosakowski, 


Beethoven School Beautification Site

Patricia Roberts

Caledonian Island Beautification Site

Janice & Frank Bingham

West Roxbury Branch Library Beautification Site

Martin Grealish/Barbara Van Dyke


Patricia Roberts & Rosie Kerwin


Ileen Conn & Becky Kaminsky


Kathy Lin

Nominating Committee

Frank Bingham

Public Relations Committee - open

Web/Social Media Committee - open

Yearbook Committee Serge Rekun

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Fulfilling Our Mission

The EGCWR is a 501©(3) charitable organization created for the purpose of providing our members and the public with gardening education and to help beautify the West Roxbury community.

We deliver on our educational mission primarily through lectures by professional horticulturists, environmentalists, and others.

Member-volunteers currently maintain three beautification sites in the community.

1. The flagpole garden at Beethoven Elementary School, 5125 Washington St., West Roxbury

2. Caledonian Island Mass DOT Visibility Site, Route 1 and Caledonian Ave., West Roxbury

3. Entryway plantings and the Reading Garden at the West Roxbury Branch Library,

     1961 Centre St, West Roxbury

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Contact Us
Contact Us

We’re happy to answer your questions.

Want to be the first to know about upcoming club lectures and other events?

You can also ask us to add you to our non-member email list

Contact us by mail at…

The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury

P.O. Box 320482

1834 Centre St.

West Roxbury, MA 02132-0482

Contact us by email at...


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Thanks! Message sent.

Support our Work
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If there is a garden-loving friend or family member you would like to recognize

or memorialize with a donation to The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury,

we would be honored to create a personalized acknowledgment with the name of the honoree.


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