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Standing Committees
Standing Committees


Awards Review Chairman:  Hila Lyman

Awards Chairman:  Lisa Murray

Award - Cindora Goldberg:  Sue Kaplan and Minal Akkad

Awards - Flower Show Awards:  TBD

Award -  Helen Freidberg:  Sandra Tosches

Bylaws & Standing Rules Chairman:  Penni Jenkins


Civic Development:  TBD


Civic & Historic Grants Chairman:  Leslie Frost


Environmental Consultants Council:  

Gardening Consultants Council:  Joy DiMaggio

Judges' Council:  Kathleen Hawes

Flower  Show Schedule Chairman:  Hila Lyman

Flower Show Judges' Chairman:  

Landscape Design Council:  Tracy Peter

Environmental Awareness Chairman:  Maria Bartlett

Finance & Audit:  Ann Webster and Beate Bolen


Flower Shows, Standard 

Properties:  Lyn Hoyt

Credentials & Statistics

           State Flower Show Schools:  Mary Huntoon

Flower Show Chairmen:

SE District Flower Show:  TBD
South Shore District Flower Show:  TBD

Topsfield Fair: Patricia Fleming

Tower Hill:  TBD

Garden Therapy: 

Virginia Thurston Healing Garden:  Joy DiMaggio

​Shriner's Hospital Tab Tops:  GCFM Office

Historian:  Linda Jean Smith

Horticulture:  Suzanne Mahler

Horticulture Mornings:  TBD

Insurance:  Ann Webster


Investments:  Suzanne McCance



Chairman:   Ruth Ecker




Floral Design:  

Membership:  Nina Colburn

Dues:  Ann Webster


Member Services

President’s Pins:  Jill Malcolm

Flower Show Ribbons:  Yvonne Capella

NGC Projects

Blue Star Memorial Markers:   GCFM Office

Four and Five Star Members:  Betty Sanders

Penny Pines:  Aparna Kumar


President's Project - The Native Plant Challenge: 

Bonnie Rosenthal

Protocol:  Nancy Donaldson


Public Relations:  TBD


Mayflower Editor-in-Chief:  Joan Minklei

 Assistant Editor:  Lyn Hoyt

Yearbook :  Linda Jean Smith

Scholarship Committee:  Deborah Taverna


Environmental Studies School: 

Flower Show School:  Yvonne Capella and Diane Bullock

Gardening Study School:  Linda Jean Smith

Landscape Design School:  Susie MacPherson

Wallack Fund:  TBD

Web Site:  Betsy Howard

Calendar Editor:  Betsy Howard

GCFM Workshops

Back to Basics:  Nancy Costa and Judy Morgan

Design Workshops:  Margo Yie

Environmental Workshop:  Maria Bartlett

Program Speakers Workshop:   TBD

Horticulture Mornings:  Jill Malcolm

Essay & Poetry Contest:  Marissa McCoy

Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl:  TBD

Treeture:  Kerry Melanson

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