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Laura Bibler

In the Garden

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Joan Butler &

Jana Milbocker

Enchanted Gardens

Deborah Chud

D Chud.jpg
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Erin Espinosa

The New Garden Society

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Cathy Harragian

Organic Garden Design

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Marie Patrice Masse

The Seed Snatcher

Cheryl Monroe

Garden in the Burrow

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Nancy Riggs

Capture Nancy Riggs.PNG
Capture Art Scarpa.PNG

Art Scarpa

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Mike & Angelina Chute

Rose Solutions

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Diane Edgecomb

Story, Harp

and Song

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Lou Greenstein

Epicurean Consulting

Mary Beth Hayes

Semper Virens Flowers

M Hayes.JPG
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Suzanne Mahler

Jessa Piaia

J Piaia.JPG


A visit with Isabella Stewart Gardner

Betty On Gardening

Capture Christine Sampson.PNG

Christine Sampson

Art in Bloom Roadshow

Richly illustrated presentations on gardening, horticulture, and the environment, including:

  • Water-smart gardening

  • Dirt on your hands, soil in the garden

  • Pollinator-friendly gardens

  • Gardening for a lifetime


Betty Sanders

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Michele Fronk Schuckel

Natural Selections Gardens

Master Gardeners 

Speakers Bureau

Capture MMGA.JPG

Kathy Leva

Fun with Flowers

Capture Kathy Leva.PNG
T Mickey.JPG



Victorian Flowers we Still Love


Neal Sanders

Who says horticulture and humor are mutually incompatible? Neal offers ‘a husband’s point of view’ of gardens and gardening that addresses burning questions like ‘why it takes three holes to plant one shrub’ and ‘why the internet is a lousy source of gardening advice’.

His talks include ‘Gardening Is Murder; ‘Gardening Will Kill You’, and ‘Pain-free Gardening

The Principal Undergardener





thumbnail_MMGA logo_high res.jpg

5 reasons to book your lectures with us:

1. Experience: over 100 lectures                    presented annually

2. Trained, knowledgeable speakers

3. Wide range of topics – Zoom and in            person

4. Affordable pricing

5. Full-service approach

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Jennifer Kimball

COG Designs

Karin Stanley

Irish Garden Design and Art

Karin Stanley.jpg
Capture Karin Stanley.PNG
Capture Nancy Vargas.PNG

Nancy Vargas

Le Jardin Blanc

Tony Todesco

Capture Tony Tedesco.PNG
Capture Kirsten Torkelson.PNG

Kirsten Torkelson

Capture Pat Webster.PNG

Pat Webster

Site and Insight

Glen Villa Garden

Capture Rebecca Warner.PNG

Rebecca Warner

The Sustainable Enough Garden

Capture Betsy Williams.PNG

Betsy Williams

The Proper Season

Capture Susan Guest.PNG

Susan Guest

Your Body in the Garden,

The Ergonomics of Gardening

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